Creating a Cohesive and Memorable Brand Experience for Zen Rocks Mani

Web Design




Another dynamic project is Zen Rocks Mani, a healing and meditation center located in the rocky mountain region of Mani, Greece. Our team was tasked with creating a visual journey of the property through professional photography and drone footage, emphasizing its unique and peaceful location and amenities.

In addition to capturing the beauty of Zen Rocks Mani, we also redesigned the website to align with a new style guide for the brand. Our goal was to connect the brand with a visual representation that effectively conveyed its character and appeal to the target audience.

The projects’ challenge was that we had to go beyond the normal frames of U/UX design and connect all the visual pieces of the pulze in such a way that past and future guests past guests could immediately align with the new website.

However, through our efforts, we were able to successfully create a cohesive and memorable brand experience for Zen Rocks Mani.

Project Overview
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